December 2015

In december heeft Rob van Maanen op verzoek van de European Council (Europese raad) samen met medewerkers van de gemeente Veldhoven deelgenomen aan een speciale seminar “ROMA INCLUSION ON LOCAL LEVEL”. Deze seminar vond plaats in de plaats Trakai, 30 km van Vilnius, de hoofdstad van Litouwen. De ervaring met eerdere projecten in Nederland en Europa zijn gedeeld met de andere deelnemers.

European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion

The seminar aims to bring together elected officials and senior civil servants from participating Lithuanian cities and regions of the Alliance for Roma Inclusion. Exchanges of experience and know-how, as well as mutual learning of best practices, shall be stimulated by this event, which will require the participants to take ownership of its process and content.

The seminar has the following objectives:

  • Encourage dialogue and exchange of experience
  • Share best practices to learn from each other
  • Create an array of proven practices to be implemented right away
  • Strengthen competencies to integrate Roma into mainstream society
  • Get feedback on the objectives and services of the Alliance

Background of the Activity:

The European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion aims to bring together elected officials and civil servants in order to promote the exchange of their experiences and to allow them to engage in the discussion on living conditions of Roma. Its objectives are to promote the exchange of know-how on Roma inclusion between the participating authorities and to provide them with a common platform for advocating for a stronger role of the territorial dimension of Roma inclusion. In order to overcome discrimination and secure the effective access of Roma to full social rights, further political efforts on local and regional levels are necessary.

The Alliance organises a number of events for its participants in line with its goals. This will be the first Alliance National Seminar in Lithuania, after successfully organising such seminars already in France and Spain and Serbia. These seminars require the participants to take ownership of discussions and the overall process.



Vanaf het najaar van 2012 t/m juli 2014 heeft FlexPay via haar internationale trademark Global Work Support deelgenomen aan het Grundtvig project ACTIVE AGEING. De volgende landen waren partner: Litouwen, Slovenië, Letland, Turkije, Italië en Nederland. Zie ook de Facebookpagina