Sport & Job Centres

The Sport & Job Centre South Africaort & Job Centre South Africa brings new worlds together with the ultimate goal of creating an active environment where unemployed youth can show their talents in effective ways.

Worldwide there is growing concern for young people who are Neither (Not) in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)*. NEET youth are considered to be missing the opportunity to develop their potential at an age that heavily influences future outcomes. Young disabled suffer the double disadvantage in the labour market of being both disabled and young. Employment opportunities are extremely limited for youth with disabilities. Misperceptions that people with disabilities are costly to employ and a reluctance of employers to hire youth with disabilities are a major concern.
Growing numbers of NEET are a disturbing feature of the youth unemployment problem and the invisibility of NEET young people combined with high youth unemployment rates risks the rise of a lost generation who have abandoned hope of being able to work for a decent living. In the program Sports & Job Centre all elements are included and are the basis of the success of the program in The Netherlands.

Unemployment amongst young people in South Africa and especially in the Townships is extremely high. Sometimes more than 50% of young people in Townships have no work during some periods. Due to the continuing growth and further development of the economy in South Africa, there continues to be a demand for young people from businesses. Together with many programs to empower young people we expect to find job opportunities for these young people. Nevertheless, supply and demand do not always suit and if there is a match, then it is often only for the short term as supervision in the workplace is non-existent or insufficient, or the problems of the young person result in them not being able to remain at work.

Our Program Sports & Job Centre SA is especially developed to empower young people however in a different environment then the regular programs. Very good results are optained during the last years in the Netherlands. FlexPay which etablished Job Realisation in South Africa, has many years of experience and has developed more than 20 centres the last years. Not only in the combination of Sports & Jobs but also with Health Care and Logistics. All the centres are based on the important elements of Education, Employment and Training.