Yellow Bikes - Cycling in South Africa

The special SA aluminium bicycle:

Yellow Bikes has worked on a bicycle with 3 gears for South Africa that is useful for everyone, is vandalism proof and distinct from other known bicycles. The frame is made of aluminum instead of the usual steel frame. Aluminum is strong and sturdy, will not rust and makes the bicycle lighter than standard bikes. The bicycles have front & back lights. The color Yellow is just to show we give extra attention to the safety of the cyclist in traffic. The color should be reflective, this can be arranged also with other colors like the red of MyCiti.

Job Realisation in South Africa will recruit, select, train and guide the new employees who will be working at he several locations created in the structure of cycling. The so called Work Support program of Job Realisation was very successful during our 9 programs. We also will train the bicycle mechanics.

The South African Bicycle:

Details about the bicycle:

  • 2 Handbrakes
  • Basket
  • 3 Gears
  • Adjustable saddle
  • 2 Frame hights
  • Front & rear light
  • Advertising space
  • Fat & leak-proof tires
  • Use of a variety of reflective colors, paint tor stickers
  • Tailor made

Some extra information:

  • Dependent of the size of a project bicycles will be assembled in South Africa, with the higher number of bicycles they can be build and assembeld locally in South Africa. This under license of Yellow Bikes;
  • We use at the start of the project(s) containers to store the bicycles at different locations (hubs, stations). Our idea is to place containers about 5 to 10 km from the busstations, ofcourse we can work out other ideas and another range;
  • The idea is to connect to bicycle sharing systems;;
  • At each bicycle location we will need 2 to 4 people for vending and repairing the bicycles, in our program job creation is very important.

The operational partners are: