Job Realisation

Introduction of Job Realisation

Together with employers, Seta’s, youth organizations and the Regional Chambers of Commerce and industry, Job Realisation South Africa has improved the participation rate of the unemployed youth, the previously disadvantaged (PDI) youth and disabled South Africans on the labour market in order to alleviate poverty and built a sustainable society. Job Realisation South Africa has build successful working relationships between the employers and new employees in order to achieve long term employment opportunities.
To achieve this success for the young unemployed Job Realisation has worked with many partners in and outside South Africa. The goal was to find and keep a job for 700 young people and to develop new programs to support thousands and more young unemployed to get a sustainable job and a better life.

Job Realisation South Africa, established in 2010, assists unemployed youth into sustainable employment. The focus in the program is on the employer. During all phases of the program the employer will be asked for their needs, input and feedback. When needed Job Realisation does the recruitment as well as the selection for the employer. Once a new employee has been selected, Job Realisation offers guidance for a certain period . The aim during this period is to produce a fully competent employee and it is essential to have close contact with the employer in order to meet their needs and requirements. On request Job Realisation can offer any additional workshops, guidance or mediation to both employee and employer.

Founders of Job Realisation

Rob van Maanen and Henk Guise are the founders of Job Realisation South Africa. Their objective is to implement and supervise programs for underprivileged and unemployed youth, integrating them into the commercial society.

Rob van Maanen – the Netherlands

Rob van Maanen is director of FlexPay BV since 2001. He has worked for both profit and non- profit organisations throughout the Netherlands. As a director of the labour office in Tilburg from 1994 – 2001, he successfully established partnerships between the labour office and private companies. This resulted in a higher number of successful, sustainable placements of unemployed job seekers, including persons with disabilities. Rob has been involved with international projects since 1994, and specifically in South Africa since 2001. In 2001 he visited South Africa and especially Cape Town for the first time. Since than he came more then 30 times to South Africa. In 2010 Global Work Support established the Job Realisation South Africa Trust.

Henk Guise – the Netherlands

Henk Guise is the director of Innovium BV in the Netherlands since 2008. He has 18 years’ experience in social security in the Netherlands. Henk has implemented several Social Security System changes, having been part of senior management at a strategic level in public as well as private organisations internationally, for example South Africa since november 2008 director of Innovium BV in the Netherlands. He has an experience of 18 years in the social security in the Netherlands. He has implemented several Social Security System changes, being a part of senior management on a strategic level in Public as well as Private Organisations. Henk has made a contribution in the following countries: South Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Belgium and Slovakia. Henk Guise has a master’s degree in Law and Business Administration.

9 Projects, 700 learners and reports

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Job Realisation has had 9 projects in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The projects were funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria and FlexPay BV in the Netherlands.

Please read the final report about the projects of JRSA here and in the report conducted on behalf of the Centre for Development and Enterprise: Report CDE about Job Realisation South Africa

First project in Cape Town with Supercare Cleaning Services in August 2009:

On the 1st of August a large group of 85 young learners (18 to 25) has started their learnership for a period of 12 months. These learnerships are organized by Supercare in Cape Town.This program is a initiative of Job Realisation support and supported by Supercare, Services Seta, LYDA Youth Organization, The Khayelitsha training centre and many others.

We want to thank all for this enormous succes!!

We are sure this project can be a very serious begin of positiv change for the youth in Townships in South Africa.



Aanpassingen website

In verband met aanpassingen aan en van de website van FlexPay zullen de komende weken diverse pagina’s niet aanwezig of incompleet kunnen zijn.

FlexPay en sociale impact

Uit diverse onderzoeken is vastgesteld dat de sociale impact van de dienstverlening van FlexPay veel verder reikt dan alleen de uitzend- of detacheringovereenkomst.

Beschut werk

In december is het aantal beschutte werkplekken voor 2019 vastgesteld.

Duurzaamheid en uitzenden

Ambitie of hype? Bekijk hier de column in Flexnieuws van Rob van Maanen, directeur van FlexPay BV.